What's this Birthday Bash all about, anyway?

We really like to party, and in less than 1 week, we're doing it. BIG.

You already know the Merry Hour is so much more than just a network of women coming together to speak openly about wins and woes of small business, side hustle, and big dreams. It's SO much more than networking. It's a totally safe place to connect, cut the crap and speak openly, be vulnerable, and idea share with those who believe in you, even if you just met them.

It's a space for collaboration, for inspiration, for magic. And we want to crank that up a notch. 

We're celebrating 1 YEAR of Merry... something we frankly never expected to do, and although that's a huge milestone for us, really, we want this to be about YOU.

When, as small business owners or bloggers or side hustlers or influencers or dreamers or moms or feel free to INSERT WHATEVER YOU DEFINE YOU AS HERE, does the collective WE celebrate US? Celebrate what we do day in and day out to get shit done. Celebrate how we made it work. Or how we failed. When do we let loose? Relax? Take a much needed moment to just high five and turn that wild brain off for a hot second to pause, reflect, and shout: HOLY SHIT! I DID IT!

Yeah... we don't. It's hard enough to find time to clean up that inbox or sneak in a workout, let alone run a business or blog, make a plan, create a strategy, win mom of the year, be a killer cook, snuggle our partners... when the hell is there time to Celebrate?

Well, there's time now. And a space. For YOU to get your magical self into whatever the hell makes you feel your best YOU. To sip on bubbles. Or beer. Or lemon water. To dance. To party. To meet other savvy gals who are determined to rise, and who are dedicated to bring you with them.

So, join us. May 17th, 7-10pm. This is a party you will not want to miss

Sara Schultz