Minneapolis Merry Hour | The second

Well, we did it again. 30 more amazing women. 1 VERY hot and steamy studio. A parfait bar featuring WholeMe and Minny Spoons, and ever-flowing drinks. A mediocre AC unit unable to stop friz-stricken hair. An incredible floral backdrop by Flower Child Farm. And some major energy and buzz made for a beautifully successful Minneapolis Merry Hour

We've been inspired and excited to learn how important the Mpls Merry Hour has been for so many women. Of all the reasons small businesses fail, lack of support and partnership just doesn't seem like an appropriate reason. Why can't we all succeed? Why can't we help those a few steps behind us and find help from those a few steps ahead?

We have good news: we can help others and get help, too. And that's what the Mpls Merry Hour is all about. We get a room full of women in all stages of small business (even budding 'I just THINK I may want to venture out on my own') and magic happens. We swear. Magic is the only word we can think of to describe it.

Again, it was an absolute blast. We left feeling buzzy and energized. Many women lingered well beyond our cut-off of 7pm, simply because they weren't ready to leave. We operated like a group of friends enjoying a long night in: "MORE WINE!"

We kept the event small and intimate and still feel 30 is a great number to encourage real conversation and connection. We sold out again and, again, we were shocked. And flattered. And secretly thinking "why the hell should people trust us to lead them through this?!" (PS, this self-doubt is an unfortunately normal thought, especially for females. We're going to work on ignoring that self-doubt. You, too?).

We partnered with incredible sponsors (linked below) who donated their goods for giveaways and provided promo codes for discounts to any attendee who joined in the Merry. Fitness badass and visionary Andrea Jones, cofounder of Alchemy and Union Fitness, shared the story behind Alchemy and some major inspiration to focus, do the work, and make big waves. WholeMe and Minny Spoons lit up the parfait bar, where vanilla greek yogurt was sprinkled with clusterly love and rich dollops of cashew nut butter goodness, and the rosé flowed. So did the red. And the white. And, of course, the La Croix. It was hot. The lackluster AC pumped as best it could. We sweated. We chatted. We shared.

Together, as a group of female entrepreneurs (plus a special appearance by Alchemy CEO Mike Jones), creatives in the corporate world, bloggers, makers, coaches, fitness gurus, event planners, dreamers, photographers (and more!), we munched, posed for beautiful headshots, and shared our stories. We were open. Vulnerable. And real. We made new connections. We were inspired. We were inspirational. We had FUN. And most of all, we were a great big group of support, together working on filling a void that's all too common for entrepreneurs. 

YOU are invited to our next Minneapolis Merry Hour. Join us September 27th from 5-8 (we added an extra hour of MERRY!) at the Fisk Collab. Tickets are available here for a limited time. We also just launched an exclusive, FREE Facebook group for every MMH attendee to join, where we idea share, collaborate, and support. It's growing, just like we all are. Just another bonus to joining a gang of lovers and supporters. 


Visit us on Instagram or search #mplsmerryhour & #merryhour for even more behind the scenes photos and stories.

Big thanks to our partners. Without you, our second MMH wouldn't have been a hit. 

Speaker: Andres Jones of Alchemy | Food (and amazing giveaways): WholeMe and Minny Spoons & Co. | Donuts Glamdoll Donuts | Headshots: Rachabella Photography | Event Branding & paper goods: Sara Schultz

Giveaways: Alchemy | CorePower Yoga- Grand Ave St. Paul | Young Living Essential Oils from Northern Oily Haus | SUP Calhoun

AND a HUGE thanks to the incredible inspirations who joined our second Minneapolis Merry Hour. You make it magical. Thanks for being there, being you, and being great.


Sara + Rachel

Sara Schultz